Kate Lundell , Brooklyn N.Y.

" Sarah is terrific at what she does. Totally a natural and very intuitive. And strong. I've had massages from people who have strength but no real sense of where to use the strength versus where to reserve it, and Sarah is NOT one of them, she's incredibly intelligent about the way she works on a person. Very respectful, a very good listener. And she sets the tone of serenity and tranquility, which I think is almost as important. Her space is transporting and her manner is very easy, fun, mellow, nurturing and lovely. Equal attention to the scalp as to the feet, and everywhere in between-- I love that she has such passion for what she does, it comes across in every way. There are so many ways to approach body work like this, and she's got an obvious curiosity about how the person is connected to the body; how the emotions are carried in the body. I know she's always incorporating new techniques and new knowledge into her work, which I love. It means her approach is nuanced and holistic and centered and present. Can't wait for my next massage!  "

-Kate Lundell , Brooklyn N.Y.

Posted on December 31, 2013 .